Our Products


All of our products are made right here in our plant. As you can see, we have many different size options for varying products. We are sure no matter how big or small your space is, we can get you the right size for a beautiful finish!

Pre-cast Concrete Steps


  • Our steps come in widths of 3', 4', 5', and 6' wide.

  • We offer "straight out" steps and side entry steps.

  • Our riser sizes are 7 1/4" high, or 8" high

  • We are able to manufacture steps as small as 1 riser, up to steps as large as 6 risers

  • Our step tread size (where you step with your foot) is 13"

We offer steps with, and without a platform. Our landing sizes are 30", 42", and 60"



As you can see, we have MANY different size options, and there is no "standard" size. This is why we offer free estimates.  With over 150 different options, we are sure we can get the perfect size and style for your home! So, give us a call today and Tom would be happy to meet with you and see how we can add safety and curb appeal to your home!

Iron Railings


  • Each railing is manufactured right here at our Elyria plant. Made from the ground up, with quality iron, each piece is made with attention to detail

  • Not only are we able to manufacture railings for our pre-cast steps, we are also able to make railings to fit any steps, porch, or patio. 

  • While most of our cutomers choose black railings, we offer other color finishes, as well. We are able to paint your railings black, white, gray, primer only, hunter green, brown, and safety yellow. If there's a different color option that you'd like, we would be happy to work with you!

  • We offer a standard design railing, B.O.C.A code compliant railing, and custom railings. Our standard design has S-scrolls, spindles, and straight bars. Our B.O.C.A code compliant railings have straight bars and are 36" high with 4" spacing. 

  • Please view our photos to see some of the custom designs we have made for our customers. No matter what your design ideas, we are sure we can work with you and craft the perfect railing, tailored to your taste. 



Miscellaneous Concrete Products


  • Steel reinforced parking blocks come in sizes of 2' wide,  6' wide, 7' wide, 8' wide, and 8' large. The standard size is 6' wide, however, we do get customers that need larger sizes, and we are happy to offer them options to fit their specific needs

  • We have a wide arrangement of concrete slab sizes. Every slab is 2" thick, and steel reinforced. The concrete slab sizes range from as small as 24" x 24" to 36" x 60". We also offer round slabs in sizes of 18", 24", and 30"

  • Would you prefer a slab with a design? No problem! We offer finished walk blocks with either a diamond finish, or, a pebble finish. Pebble finish walk blocks are available in 16" x 16" and 24" x 36" sizes. Diamond finished walk blocks are available in 24" x 30" size. We also manufacture curved parking blocks, which come in 24", 30", and 36" sizes

  • Our other miscellaneous concrete products include splash blocks for your gutter drains, step treads to fit steel framed stairs, bench ends, and sign post stacchions. Whatever your home improvement project may be, we offer many products to add a beautiful finish and extra curb appeal to your home or business!